David Santy

David Santy

Madison, WI
David Santy

Personal Information

Specialist in live streaming concert production, audio engineering and consulation since 2012.

Became a leading authority on audio setup for Google’s Hangouts On Air through engineering and co-producing 50+ hours of music programming. Author of the definitive audio setup guide for running music programs on Hangouts On Air.

Co-Produced and engineered the Artists In The Plus 2012 and 2013 multi-day online music festivals.

Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist.

Citizen of Madison, WI.


September, 2012 - April, 2014

Assistant Vice President - AITP USA Inc.

Artists In The Plus

AVP, Live Concert Producer, and Lead Audio Engineer for AITP USA Inc, the US wing of online music channel Artists In The Plus.

2012 Online Music Festival
Featuring more than 60 artists and over thirty hours of music on Youtube. Artists and hosts joined the stream remotely from points all across the globe via Hangouts On Air. Acted as producer and lead audio engineer.

2013 Online Music Festival
Co-produced on location live stream from Village Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Three days of music from LA, many hours of Hangouts On Air from remote performers, and three groups on location in Bergen, Norway.

January, 2012 - March, 2013

Wordpress Web Designer

David Santy Design

Designer and webmaster of Wordpress websites for small businesses. Copywriting, HTML/CSS theme editing, e-commerce.


Google+ Hangouts On Air Audio 10/10
Social Media Management 5/10
Live Streaming Production 8/10
Wordpress 6/10
Audio Recording & Editing 6/10
HTML & CSS 5/10
Youtube Live 7/10